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Jinny Hill Tasting Parties!- PARTIES CLOSED UNTIL November 2023

Seasonal menu that you can learn how to cook along with friends and family in your own home!  

You can choose between two different seasonal menu options.  Cost is $50 per person, 4-6 persons per Tasting Party.  Grocery list will be provided in advance.  Personal grocery shopping option add-on available. ONE BOOKING PER WEEKEND- LAST YEAR'S MENU LEFT UP AS AN EXAMPLE AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE ON MARKET PRICING AND AVAILABILITY

Winter 2022- #1 Wild Gourmet Tasting Party

Appetizer:  Smoked Salmon Pate & JHFA Champangne Lavendar Jelly on Hearty Toast Points with Celery Sticks

Starter:  Quail Egg Nests in Bone Broth with Fresh Snipped Herbs

Main Course:  Spiced Duck Breast with Mandarin Orange Sauce & JHFA Spicy Molasses Mustard

Sides:  Wild Rice Wild Mushroom Pilaf & Asparagus Almondine

Winter 2022- #2 Hearty Southwest Tasting Party

Appetizer:  Jalepeno Poppers with Roasted Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes

Starter:  Red Cabbage Baja Slaw Lettuce Wraps with JHFA Peach Pepper Jam

Main Course:  White Turkey Chili

Sides:  Saged Street Corn & Black Bean Mango Chutney

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