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The World According to Dandelions

March 6, 2022

While the remnants of snow are still melting, the sap is flowing and the yard is a muddy mess, deep beneath the surface is one of the most important plants waiting to make its' spring appearance.  I took this picture last year on my patio that shows the ravages of shoveling from the winter.  It reminded me of a map of the world.  I hand picked every single yellow dandelion flower that were available that day knowing more would appear for another day's harvest.  It was a heartwarming and sobering moment to think of what was going on in the world during an unending pandemic, and even more so now in the face of the war in Ukraine.  So I thought I would tell you about "The World According to Dandelions" in celebration of the spirit of the Ukranians' steadfast and committed nature to save their homes and way of life and each other.  Dandelion is here to save you!

Have you ever tried to dig up a dandelion in hopes of it never coming back in your yard again?  I bet you threw out the root, didn't you?  Well, the dandelion has a different plan for you readying itself to grow out of the depths of earth to bring you another flower!  The taproot of taraxacum is typically 12-18" and can penetrate the earth up to 10 feet!  You're gonna need a bigger shovel!  The root can push aside rocks, reaching deeper and deeper to keep its foothold in the landscape.  You might wonder, "Why would a plant want to stay put so badly?"  My answer is, "Because this plant is that important!"

When something in nature is truly important, it cannot be easily taken away!  Dandelion root is highly effective as a diuretic, reliever of many skin conditions, to control blood sugar and as a liver remedy.  Dandelion leaf is high in beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.  The leaf is useful as a diuretic, assists in lowering cholesterol, and for improving gallbladder function.  The spring season is when our body comes out of hibernation, when the cholesterol is the highest and the bile runs thick.  Dandelion helps bile flow helping to 'cleanse' the liver after a long winter. 

Both the flower and leaf are touted for protecting against UV damage to the skin.  The plant also carries essential fatty acids that protect against inflammation.  

So, the next time you see a dandelion, just remember the importance that it has, the tenacity it takes to remain present, and that nature will teach you what to pay attention to when it matters most.  

-Dr. Deb

Pandemic Farming Season!

May 15, 2021

After a year of a pandemic, all I wanted for was for us to be free to get back to our normal lives!  I woke up very early this particular day, saw a glimmer of pink, ran out and caught this image!  Everything sparkled and glowed and this was my signal for the beginning of an amazing growing season!

The most important things in life are people first, then places, then things.  I am so grateful that as a family we have made it through COVID without any major health issues.  However, we did lose my father-in-law to complications of diabetes and the experience was inconceivably difficult and strange for us not being able to be there with him.  Many of you have had similar experiences and my heart goes out to all of you. 

Spring is for New Beginnings... and in keeping with this energy, I am closing my wellness center and simplifying to a single office.  

I will be bringing all the herbal, artisitic, and spiritual widsom to the farm.  Metamorphosis teachings are about discovering yourself in the journey of life on your road to health & wellness.  

It is my honor to teach all of you what I have learned over the years and I can only hope to do this into my 90's as Almeda did in her heyday!  

The widsom of herbal medicine is priceless and I hope you all can benefit from our collective wisdom! --Dr. Deb

Mother's Day on the Hill

May 13, 2018

Well, it was nice on Friday, so I planted and weeded as much as possible knowing this weekend would be full of activity and questionable weather.  I was braced for a soaker and decided to not run the farmstand for Saturday.  Much to my surprise on Saturday morning, it really wasn't that bad! 

So, I started looking for the pop up canopy and was going to give it a go, except I realized it was destroyed in a storm last year!  Off I went to Ocean State Job Lot to get a new one.  I detoured to my mom's house on the next street over and we sat for tea.  I thought to myself, "why in the world would I rush home to open a stand that I already told everyone would be closed to miss out on spending time with her this Mother's Day weekend?"  It started raining while sitting there, we talked about my daughter coming home from college this weekend,  and more rain came as we sipped tea.  So much so that I didn't even set up the canopy even once I got home.  

All my excitement over the past few weeks, making all these goodies perfectly suited to Mother's Day, just needed to be saved up for the next weekend!  The message of the weekend: Living out our experiences as they unfold, family moments are so important, and ordinary events can take a back seat to relationship and family!   

Wishing all the mom's out there a blessed and beautiful Mother's Day!

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